BONUS PODCAST: The Disney purchase of Lucasfilm and the future of STAR WARS, with special guests Nanci Schwartz and Da7e Gonzales!


This week’s podcast is a special event … not unlike, say, A NEW STAR WARS MOVIE HOLY COW. After letting our over-excited brains settle down for a few days after the news broke that not only had Disney bought Lucasfilm, but that a sequel trilogy to the original STAR WARS films was in the works, we got together with some STAR WARS and industry experts to try and figure out what this all means for the future of a franchise we all grew up with. Joining Matthew and Alli are Nanci Schwartz (Tosche Station blog & podcast) and Da7e Gonzales ( & Operation Kino).

Apart from explaining why this doesn’t mean Leia is now a Disney princess and that Mickey won’t be appearing in the sequel trilogy, they also explore why this is potentially the best thing that could have possibly happened to STAR WARS, and also offer some educated guesses and/or wild speculation as to what this sequel trilogy could look like. They also get into what this means for the “expanded universe” series of books, whether or not this means we’ll finally get a STAR WARS TV series, why we won’t be seeing an Episode VII directed by Joss Whedon or Edgar Wright, and answer the burning question: will we finally get the original version of the original trilogy on Blu-ray?

This episode is jam-packed and you won’t want to miss a second of it. Special thanks to our guests, but we do that in the show, so hit play already!

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